Call of Duty: WWII Supply Drops – Just How Bad Are They?

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Call of Duty Supply Drops have always been a cause of controversy. At their best, they only offer cosmetic unlocks and have no impact on gameplay, while at their worst, they contain exclusive gameplay-affecting weapons. 

So, just how bad is the Supply Drop system in Call of Duty: WWII? Well, with many gamers now playing and streaming the game, new information about the loot drops has been detailed. 

Like in previous titles, Supply Drops can be earned through playing the game, based on playtime. The rate at which Supply Drops are earned will differ from player to player, but up to four an hour is what’s currently being reported. 

There are four types of Supply Drops available: Regular, Rare, Regular Zombies and Rare Zombies. The content within can include: Calling Cards, camos, attachment variations (cosmetic), double XP, weapon variants (cosmetic) and more. 

Rare Supply Drops are earned by finishing contracts (in-game challenges). Completing six Daily Orders will secure another Rare Supply Drop, as will the completion of a Special Order. 

Pretty simply stuff thus far. Where things take a bit of a turn is with Collections. Like in Modern Warfare Remastered, the most treasured unlocks are locked behind a requirement for a completed Collection. Players who collect all items in a Collection, will then unlock the final, premium item. Similar to MWR, Armory Credits (in-game currency) can be used to purchase these items outright, so it isn’t totally down to luck and Supply Drops. 

Armory Credits can be earned in a variety of ways, from completing Daily and Weekly Contracts, to taking part in mini-games. Bonus Armory Credits can also be acquired from the Headquarters Post. 

At time of posting, there aren’t yet any microtransactions available for purchase. 

So how bad are the Supply Drops in Call of Duty: WWII? Well, the system seems to be very similar to Modern Warfare Remastered, albeit without any exclusive gameplay-affecting weapons. That is to say, there aren’t any exclusive weapons yet. For now, everything seems tolerable and acceptable, when compared to previous Call of Duty Supply Drops. 

Here’s hoping everything remains this way!

What do you think of Call of Duty: WWII Supply Drops? Let me know. 

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Source: CharlieINTEL, Attack of the Fanboy