Check Out the Horizon Forbidden West Open World in Stunning Detail

horizon forbidden west open world

While we are still months away from its February 2022 release, Guerrilla Games has not been slacking in showing off Horizon Forbidden West, and their latest post showcases the game’s open world in gorgeous, stunning detail! Check out the new pieces of footage below, included in the developer’s latest hefty PlayStation Blog post.

Lead Living World designer Espen Sogn describes the developer’s intentions with Horizon Forbidden West open world design, saying:

“Our main challenge is translating this narrative framework  into visuals that are integral to the world itself,” says Espen. “For example, the Tenakth are known to be competitive and combat-focused, but so are other tribes. So how do we distinguish them, and how do we communicate that visually?”

‘It then becomes all about the details, the animations, and the behaviors. Within their settlements, you’ll see the Tenakth working out, readying themselves for battle. They’re often younger because they need to be capable warriors. Their base is an ancient ruin, from which they’ve picked up certain Old World gestures that they may not fully understand – like using a military salute to say hello.’

‘Ultimately, our goal is to make sure NPCs feel connected to where they live, and we work closely with other internal teams, such as Narrative, Quest, and Environment, to make sure that every location feels authentic.”

While it may be early footage, it’s incredible to see the open world of Horizon Forbidden West, albeit with not a ton of action going on. The blog post also goes on to discuss more on the vibrant open world, as well as some revelations about the game’s crafting system. It would appear that Aloy can now have access to six weapons at a time in Horizon Forbidden West, not counting her trusty spear.

What do you think? Are you excited to see more of the open world of Horizon Forbidden West? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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