COD Vanguard Beta Features V2 Rocket Streak to End Matches; Devs Aware of Audio & Visibility Issues

vanguard v2 rocket

With the Call of Duty Vanguard beta in full swing, players are now discovering some of the perks, weapons and other familiar or new features the game has to offer. For those wondering if there’s a nuke in Vanguard, there is, though it’s called the V2 Rocket!

Is there a nuke in COD Vanguard?

Yes, there is…kind of. Same as the nuke streak in past Call of Duty games, the COD Vanguard V2 Rocket can be obtained by chaining a 25-killstreak (guns only), and once you do that, you’ll be able to unleash the V2 Rocket, which will end a match. This is, for all intents and purposes, the same as getting a nuke.

Check it out in action:

In other COD Vanguard beta news, if you’re having issues with how footsteps, gun sounds are in the beta, don’t worry (that much), as Sledgehammer Games has acknowledged that audio and visibility issues (which we’ve touched on before) will be addressed!

We’re aware there is a significant amount of discussion around player visibility and audio mixing. Stay tuned as we will address some of our planned updates later this week.

While we have limited weapon choices in the Vanguard beta, it’s been confirmed that Riot Shields, Akimbo weapons will be in the game, along with an FOV (field of view) slider for consoles.

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