COD Vanguard Multiplayer Gameplay Leaks Before the Offiical Reveal

vanguard v2 rocket

We honestly shouldn’t be surprised by now whenever something Call of Duty-related leaks, as it happens ever year. While the COD Vanguard multiplayer reveal is a few hours away, Vanguard multiplayer gameplay has leaked! There are two clips, with one over 12 minutes long.

Vanguard gameplay from CODHOPE on Vimeo.

We can see the movement, and how it’s similar to Modern Warfare 2019, which isn’t a surprise given they both use the same engine. We also see the loadouts menu, which again, might seem familiar to Call of Duty players.

If you don’t care much for the quality, remember that the offical reveal will start at 1PM ET/10AM PT/1AM HKT, and will run for about 30 minutes. After that, expect content creators to roll out beta gameplay footage. We’ll compile some later today to feature some of the good ones that showcase the gameplay in full.

Speaking of the beta, the Early Access beta will be happening this weekend, and MP1st will be giving away a lot of codes! Stay tuned on the site to know more about.

Thanks, aju123!

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One thought on “COD Vanguard Multiplayer Gameplay Leaks Before the Offiical Reveal

  1. Looks like MW and like you said we all thought it would. Hope that it feels different in ways so people dont feel its a MW copy and paste type game. I just hope for the one thing everyone does, tone down sbmm and have a ranked mode in the game from day one.

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