Sledgehammer Games Talks About Call of Duty: WWII Upcoming Changes, Tweaked Domination Score Per Kill Playlist Incoming

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True to their word, Sledgehammer Games has been quite communicative to fans when it comes to Call of Duty: WWII upcoming changes. Over on Reddit, Sledgehammer Games boss Michael Condrey posted a “January preview” of the things to come to the shooter this month.

Chief among the new stuff added will be the Resistance expansion pack, but that won’t be all. Sledgehammer says that “rewards” and “events” will also be coming this month, so non-DLC owners should have something to look forward to as well. These new tweaks will be part of the weapon adjustments that were earlier discussed by the studio.

One major thing that’s going to be tested this January is a new “Domination XL” playlist, where each kill will count for 100 points as opposed to just 50.

Check out the entire message below.

WWII MP – January preview from WWII

If you can’t see the embedded Reddit post, it says:

There’s a lot coming to WWII in January. The Resistance is packed with all kinds of new content- MP maps and a new War experience, a new Zombies chapter, events, rewards, and more. CWL New Orleans is about to kick off this weekend. (Fingers crossed – we’re working to see if we can live-stream the event straight to the HQ theater for PS4, so you can watch it directly in game while still practicing in the 1v1 pit or on the firing range). We’ve got new weapon tuning updates to address community feedback that we’d like to roll those out next week. In addition, we’re looking at a Domination XL (100 points per kill) test playlist to re-examine player enjoyment (vs Dom 50). There’s a game update coming with some key fixes too. Plus a host of additional news that we look forward to sharing in the days ahead.

Also, Ranked Play: Season 1 will be ending on Jan 31st. Season 2 officially kicks off February 1st. So keep your grind on and pursue those top tier Season 1 rewards for a couple more weeks. We’ve gathered a ton of player data during the Placement Season, and we’ve fixed a number of important bugs in Ranked Play since Season One started on December 1st. More RP fixes coming in the next game update too. We’ve also heard the community’s desire to have XP rewarded in RP. We’re working on that now. I’m not entirely sure when it will get fully integrated in the live environment, but barring anything crazy, it will come online during Season 2.

Happy Wednesday, all. Much more news to come via our @SHGames channels. Positive intent and well wishes to everyone here in r/WWII and across the Call of Duty community. Good luck to the competitors in New Orleans. Stay safe on Bourbon Street.


Just yesterday, Condrey also addressed the annoying “spectator glitch” and confirmed it’ll be fixed later this month.

Let’s hope Sledgehammer continues communicating with the community. Now, if we can get sprint out times changed, and maybe iron out some of the bugs, we’ll be good.