Crystal Dynamics Acknowledges Marvel’s Avengers Stealth Loot Nerf Bug, Gives Compensation as Apology

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Just yesterday, we reported that Crystal Dynamics has apparently rolled out a stealth nerf on loots in Marvel’s Avengers. However, we have some good news! The studio has acknowledged the Marvel’s Avengers stealth loot nerf and confirmed it’s a bug!

In addition to the the studio statement, players are also getting compensated via Upgrade Modules! Here’s what Lead Designer Philippe Therien had to say in a post on the game’s subreddit:

Hi all – thank you for your patience while we investigated issues concerning Faction missions awarding power 120 gear. This was in no way an intentional decision to nerf mission drops – as noted, our priority is very much on fixing bugs at the moment.

An error in the loot tables for Faction missions caused them to award high quality patterns consistently which was not intended. In fixing this error, the loot table for these missions was adjusted accidentally to a lower power than originally intended. To correct this, we are modifying the loot table for these missions so that they award gear up to power 130 rather than 120. The missions will also temporarily award Upgrade Modules as an apology for our error. Take advantage of it while you can!

Please note, Threat Sectors and Drop Zones will continue to award gear only up to power 120 as they have since launch.

This change should be live now.

The team at Crystal would like to thank you for reporting the issues, we will continue to monitor loot rewards and make more adjustments as needed.

Hopefully, we’ll get better loots in the coming game updates, as well as more rewards to further differentiate Drop Zones and other activities from one another.