Crystal Dynamics Is Committed to Marvel’s Avengers for “Years to Come,” Roadmap Being Worked On

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers next-gen versions are launching next week along with the new Hawkeye DLC, and while fans are getting geared up to run through it, some might have wondered what exactly is next for the title. While nothing has officially been outlined, Crystal Dynamic has assured its fans that they plan on supporting Marvel’s Avengers for “years to come.”

In the latest developer stream showcasing Hawkeye, Crystal Dynamic took to the Twitch chat to answer some fan questions, in which many of them revolved around the future support of the game. While they didn’t reveal exactly what was in store (we assume the DLC will,) Crystal Dynamic did take this opportunity to clear the air, and confirm that they will continue working on Avengers for the coming years.

We understand, but rest assured we’re committed to the future of Marvel’s Avengers for years to come, and have been working on a whole lot of things, which we’re excited to reveal! Looking forward to seeing you there in next-gen!

For those wondering when we might see the reveal of this content, well, there is the Square Enix event set next week where the publisher has mentioned that something Marvel’s Avengers-related will be shown. The team didn’t say exactly what, but did say that fans should be excited to watch it.

Nonetheless, Crystal Dynamics did at least confirm that they have been working on a roadmap for Marvel’s Avengers, but sadly aren’t ready to show it just yet. When they do though, it should hopefully please the community by better providing them with the long requested insight they have wanted since the launch of the game.

Don’t forget, Crystal Dynamics did say that the upcoming Future Imperfect DLC is “just the beginning,” which could mean that there’s a ton more Marvel’s Avengers content headed our way.

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