DayZ Mod Reaches 1 Million Unique Players

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DayZ, the highly popular post-apocalyptic, zombie-survival mod for Arma 2, has finally reached one of it’s most important milestones today.

At this time, the official website reports that DayZ has, at last, accumulated over 1 million unique players.

The last time we reported on DayZ numbers, it was concluded that the title would see a strong boost in players and would gradually see more and more join everyday. This was just little under a month ago and has since gained nearly an additional 600,000 players.

Here is a list of the current DayZ stats as of 12:53pm EST Monday, August 6:

Unique Players:1,000,145
Players in Last 24h:180,821
Alive Characters:795,069
Survival Attempts:22,540,655
Zombies killed:2,147,483,647
Bandits Alive:132,860
Bandits killed:494,954
Total Walked:1,362,488,923km
Time Played:1219y 10m 14d


DayZ is set to re-release as a standalone retail version later this year.

Are you one of the million players enjoying DayZ? Want to sign up? Simply visit the official DayZ website.