DayZ Update 1.06 Patch Notes and Client Now Out, PS4 Crashes Being Worked On

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Update #2 (December 3, 2019): For those looking for the DayZ update 1.07 patch notes on PS4 (this shows as DayZ update 1.06 on PC), then check ’em out here.

Update (November 13, 2019): If you’re looking for the DayZ update 1.06 Experimental patch notes for PC, click here.

Bohemia Interactive has released a new DayZ update on PS4, and it’s live now! While I’d like to say that this latest DayZ patch has fixed the crashing issues on PS4, sadly, that’s not the case just yet. This patch does contain fixes though. Check out the full DayZ update 1.06 notes below.

DayZ update 1.06 notes:

We released an update that aims to mitigate the crashes affecting some PlayStation 4 players.


  • Memory distribution on PS4


  • Updated the texture streaming system to be more resilient against texture allocation failures
  • Applied compression to several textures

As for the crashing issues on the platform, Bohemia states that they are “aware” of the crashes happening on the PS4 since the release of update 1.05 and that they are working on resolving this issue. Unfortunately, the studio hasn’t found the “roots” of these GPU-related crashes just yet, and can’t reliably reproduce it.

If you can help, make sure to offer feedback via the game’s official Twitter, or on the official forums.

Source: DayZ forums