DayZ Update 1.08 Released for Consoles, Here’s What Got Changed

dayz update 1.08

Bohemia Interactive has released a new DayZ update just for consoles earlier today, and it includes quite a number of gameplay and technical fixes. While Bohemia calls this as yet another 1.06 update for consoles, players will see this as DayZ update 1.08. You can check out the full DayZ update 1.08 patch notes below.

DayZ update 1.08 patch notes:

1.06 Patch 1 (12.12.2019)



  • Fixed: Swapping within cargo
  • Fixed: The right side far resolution LODs of the Gunter 2 were only changing their color when damaged
  • Fixed: Items would not attach to the correct attachment slot during base building
  • Fixed: Base building/cars dragging attachments
  • Fixed: Movement inputs would be obstructed while using radial menus
  • Fixed: The boletus mushroom would spawn with a wrong rotation
  • Fixed: When the weapon in hand was hidden during certain actions, loaded cartridges would float in the air
  • Fixed: A server error when picking up items
  • Fixed: Two exploits that could break the character animations
  • Fixed: Head of the character was not healing from damage
  • Fixed: PS4 trophies would not be activated under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: The PS4 trophy Bodily Needs would not be activated when the drinking action was done at a pond or well


  • Tweaked: Fireplace fuel consumption lowered (doubled the burning time)
  • Tweaked: Increased the damage dealt by 9×39 projectile
  • Tweaked: Increased the damage from projectiles to the zombie head (damage zone)


  • Tweaked: Updated the offline database

Chances are, Bohemia calls it update 1.06 due to the PC version stil on this version, as it just got out of the 1.06 Experimental Update a few weeks ago.

Source: DayZ forums

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