Dead Space Remake: More News to Be Shared Next Year as Devs “Review” Suggestions

dead space remake

Just a few weeks ago, Motive Studios gave fans a little behind-the-scenes look at how the Dead Space remake is shaping up, which also presented us our first look at gameplay.

While it’s refreshing to see a studio show a game in early development, it seems we shouldn’t expect anymore Dead Space news to surface this year. This was confirmed by the studio, as it relayed a message on how the devs going to be “heads down” in development.

Here’s an excerpt from the studio’s message:

Dead Space Update from Motive from DeadSpace

Everything we showed was a work in progress which means that we’ll be working on things like Isaac’s suit, the aesthetic and ambiance of the Ishimura. We’re doing work to ensure it has the right level of wear and tear. For example, here is an early work in progress clip showing some of the ways that the team is going to be giving that worn look to the Ishimura.

We’re going to be heads down now working on the game, taking some time to review all the thoughts, theories, and suggestions you’ve all shared with us. We look forward to showing you how you’ve helped shape the game next year when we’re further in development!

As you can plainly see, Motive is aiming to show more of the Dead Space remake “next year,” though we don’t exactly know when.

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