Death Stranding Cinematic Trailer Delivers the Hype

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We are almost a month away from the official release of Death Stranding, and to prepare for the major marketing push, PlayStation has released an all-new Death Stranding cinematic trailer that’ll play during commercial breaks.

The video below is entirely CGI, meaning none of it is actually in-game footage. It runs about a minute and is narrated by Norman Reedus, who plays the main protagonist Sam Porter. We do expect the actual TV spot to be a bit shorter than the one presented below, but either way it certainly looks gorgeous and should get people talking.

The trailers won’t stop here as we are expecting to see a launch trailer drop by Kojima himself real soon. This trailer will be edited by Kojima himself, and has been confirmed to be the final video to drop for Death Stranding before release.

Death Stranding is releasing exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on November 8. We’ll be sure to cover any related news leading up to the release along with a review sometimes after.