Death Stranding Difficulty Options Confirmed, Game Receives Australia Rating

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Death Stranding difficulty options have been confirmed as play-tests begins to wrap up, along with an official classification from the Australian rating board.

Taking to Twitter, Kojima’s own personal assistant, Ayako Terashima confirmed that she has completed a play test of Death Stranding, giving us some new bits of information including the confirmation that the game will feature difficulty selection. Do mind that the translation is done by google translator so it’s not a perfect translation, but it’s clear enough to understand.

From the tweet above, we know the game will feature very easy, normal, and hard. We most likely will see more options as typically with a very easy option there is usually a standard easy option, though again this could be a translation or language barrier issue.

Small Update: Kojima has decided to give a bit more information stating that Very Easy was added and that Easy is also an option

And in related news, the Australian Classification Board has also given the game an official M+15 Rating in Australia. The breakdown of the score can be found below, but this certainly is a good indication that the game is currently being played outside of the development team and we will most likely see an ESRB rating announcement real soon. An interesting, yet possible error is that the board is also labeling the game as a multi-platform.

For the longest time, it has been rumored that the title would be releasing on PC. This rumor first began when the game was announced as a PS4 and PC title only for the PC version to suddenly vanish from any of the marketing material. It’s still unknown if it will launch on PC at this time, though many have speculated that this will most likely not be the case since the game is using first party tools from Sony.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated on all things Death Stranding related. For now we have TGS to look forward to for a new gameplay trailer.