Death Stranding Multiplayer Details Revealed, Players Can Transform the Terrain and Construct Highways

Legendary game creator Hideo Kojima sheds some new details on Death Stranding multiplayer, stating that players can have influenced with one other players’ game sessions. While players won’t exactly play with one another directly, when connected to the network they will be able to leave things behind such as ladders as shown during the TGS gameplay. This was confirmed in the recently published translation video by IGN and YouTuber Kubricked who also provided their own translation that goes a bit more in-depth. You can find a break down of the multiplayer features shown in the footage down below. This certainly will clear a lot of confusion that viewers had during the stream, as this focus was just a portion of the game features. Kojima states that there are more action packed boss fights, but wanted to show this off to get a better understating of what a Strand game is.

  • It’s a single-player game in a sense that you will play alone, but being connected changes that as you can follow in other players footsteps.
  • Some players will just plow through the story as quickly as possibly, while others will focus on constructing building and stuff. The like system plays a pretty big role in the game. Everyone’s approach will be different. Some people won’t interact so they won’t get aid, but the more likes you give and get the more connected you are to others.
  • There’s an in-game mailing system that shows bonding levels between players
  • You can summon players during boss fights, you fight alone but you aren’t alone. In the demo we can see a white ghost like Sam throwing items at the player to help them fight against the boss. Though from the demo, it was obvious that the other player wasn’t doing any damage directly to the boss. This is what Kojima refers to as a “Strand” he stated.
  • “Essentially Sam is reconnecting a fragmented world. It’s a game of connection, you are essentially by yourself, exploring the world by yourself. It’s a very lonely world. Then at a certain moment you connect with other players, and that’s why I call it a stranding game.”
  • You can build bridges by yourself or other can work together to build it. The player with the most contribution in the building will have their name appear on the object. This was shown in the demo as the character went over the bridge.
  • If you travel down the same path as other players it’ll eventually smooth out that path and turn it into a road so you can drive faster and smoother down it.
  • At the end of the demo Kojima states that paths will be made and you can even make highways to make deliveries by truck, which wasn’t shown in the demo.
  • Players can leave warning symbols behind, warning them of rough environments and such. This was shown in the demo, very similar to the Souls game.
  • Structures that are still in construction will be labeled as such in the world as shown during the demo. You can leave supplies behind at the location to contribute to building the structure.
  • Green footsteps are those of other players
  • In the demo a second ladder had been placed by another player that can be used.
  • There is a “like” system that players use to connect with one another. You can like objects left behind by others.
  • Shoes are important in the game, they can break. You can leave other players a spare set of shoes to help them.
  • Players can leave things behind, whether they forgot to pick it up or just discarded they will show up for other players. They can also age over time if they don’t get picked up. Can be repaired by players using tools.
  • You can junk items and other players will see that also.
  • You can make lockers that other players can use. Can be used to share items or privately.
  • If a route is used frequently it’ll make a path
  • Rain damages packages, players can use shelter that other players made for protection
  • Can customize music and players will hear it and vice versa.
  • Can level up certain structures plays leave behind.
  • Left behind stones are indication that a player has rested there. You can rest there also, from the demo he implies that something will happen if enough resting in used in the spot.
  • Mules are enemy NPC that attempt to steal cargo, they steal cargo from other players around the world. In the demo Kojima takes a more stealth approach by leaving some of his cargo behind and riding the hoverboard. The cargo was left behind because Mule can detect players easier if they hold it.
  • Ping system lets you see all the cargo the Mules have stolen. All the items are taken from other Sams in the world.
  • Can throw cargo at Mules but they become damaged. Recommends not to use your own cargo.
  • Charge stations can be left behind for players to charge their equipment
  • Can tag objects left behind by players so they show up better for others
  • You can leave motorcycles behind for other players
  • In the demo there is a scene that music begins playing as the player traverses across the rough hill. Kojima states that there are millions of other people who will be doing the same thing and experiencing the same thing. This can only be achieved when connected, although he does say you can skip out on these experiences if you decide to take a vehicle all the way to your destination.
  • At distribution center you can see what other players have made.
  • Kojima ends his first demo being thankful for his journey and all the connection he has made along it. This no doubt played a crucial part in Death Stranding development.
  • The concept behind the game is connections and you have been going through that. We haven’t been going through third parties, and have been connecting directly with these individuals.

Some very interesting details that gives us a far better look into what type of game Death Stranding will be. From the sound of it the network connection is all optional, although it seems like a rather major part of the game as playing alone will certainly make things tougher. The world of Death Stranding will no doubt be always be evolving, it will be interesting to see where this all goes in the end from a narrative perspective.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated as more details surface concerning Death Stranding, but with white these new pieces of information, is the game finally starting to make more sense to you?

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3 years ago

I’ve been iffy on this game, but these details imo reveal a lot and has gotten me a bit hyped for the release

3 years ago

Yay big empty open world game!

Dick Cunter
Dick Cunter
Reply to  DrunkSuperman
3 years ago

Empty at first, we the players will all rebuild it with highways, safe houses, cities, bridges, etc. That’s the purpose of having a huge empty world at first. Unfortunately it’s going to win goty 2019 is because it has literally zero games to go up against this year, I wanted to see it beat other huge releases but this year we saw only days gone as a major release. DS would’ve definitely beat GoW, Spiderman, and RDR2 if it were released last year. Safe to say itll be game of this gen.

Reply to  DrunkSuperman
3 years ago

did you read the article? players will build and connect the world of the game

Reply to  DrunkSuperman
3 years ago

The world is empty because players can build structures for other players. Following other people’s footsteps will create roads and highways.

It’s empty for a reason.

Reply to  DrunkSuperman
3 years ago

you would be surprised how wrong you are about this game..they are just hiding things from us and any extra details are spoilers…this will sell well the first week but from word of mouth and reviews this game will do incredibly well.

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