Watch 50 Minutes of Death Stranding New Gameplay Straight From TGS, Showcases Multiplayer Interaction

death stranding update 1.06

In case you didn’t catch the Death Stranding livestream by Hideo Kojima, you can watch the 50-minute Death Stranding gameplay right here at your own pace straight from the Tokyo Game Show (TGS). Bear in mind, it’s entirely in Japanese, but you’ll be able to see the fighting and the walking part (lots of walking). Watch the Death Stranding new gameplay footage below!

In case you didn’t see it, there’s multiplayer footage in it as well! It’ll be fully playable offline, but you can also see a messaging system similar to Dark Souls in the footage if you decide to play online. We can see glimpse of other players making interactions such as deliveries and even losing packages. For the most it seems to follow that of the Soul series, minus the online co-op, we can see throughout the demonstration of the player being left packages.

Death Stranding will launch this November 8 exclusively on the PS4.

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