Death Stranding Multiplayer Aims to Connect Millions at Launch, Compares the Idea to Spider-Verse

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Hideo Kojima recently took part in an interview, answering a number of questions pertaining to his personal life and Death Stranding. One interesting question that came up was regarding the online component, and although Hideo wanted to keep things close to the chest, he did in the very least offer some small hints as to what players may expect in the Death Stranding multiplayer.

Taking part in a one on one interview done by French reporter, Julien Chièze and translated by reddit user xxxjohnnygxxx, Kojima explains that upon launch the game will have millions of users connected to one another and that it’s comparable to the concept of Spider-verse in a sense that these Spider-Man characters had always thought they were the one and only Spider-Man.


Q: With DS you said you wanted to opt for a brand new, never seen multiplayer approach, can you tell me a little more about the social strand system?

A: I’m going to let you down, but I cannot say anything atm. All i can say is that it is an open world in which the players will quickly find out that the approach is different. Its going to be hard task and you must reconnect a fractured society and split up humans, you do this with a character who has nothing to do with superheroes. Sam is just by himself and must survive, he has no special power. The more you play the more you will notice that he isn’t the only one in this situation. At launch, there will probably be millions of people who will play and you will be CONNECTED to them USING SOMETHING…

Q: Something?

A: Yes, its like Miles Morales in the Spiderman Spider-verse. Miles thinks he is the only spiderman, then different characters from different alternate dimensions also become Spiderman and meet up, all of a sudden Miles is not alone! Of course DS will be different but it’s a clue towards what the game is about. Sorry but i really cant say anymore, is that ok?

Like the rest of the game, Death Stranding multiplayer is very much shrouded in a cloud of mystery. We know that Kojima and his team are aiming for it to offer an “Asynchronous“ style of gameplay where no players actually meet with one another, though it has yet to be explained exactly so.