Death Stranding First Person View Confirmed, but Won’t Be an FPS

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Game director Hideo Kojima has confined a Death Stranding first person view will be available in the game, though before anyone gets any ideas, he also confirms that it won’t be a first-person shooter.

Taking to Twitter to address a commonly asked question, Kojima once again iterates that Death Stranding will be an entirely new genre that he’s calling “Social Strand System.”

The big take here is that he did indeed confirm that the game will in some capacity be playable in first-person view. A majority of the gameplay shown thus far has been in third-person view, however there was one interesting scene from one of the past trailer that showcased what appeared to be a first person view. Check it out below

It really shouldn’t come much as a surprise, considering that the past couple of Metal Gear Solid (a series Kojima created and worked on) games have featured the ability to play entirely in first-person view. However those also featured guns that can be shot from that perspective, which Kojima states that this game will not be a FPS.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all turns out and hopefully TGS 2019 will be able to shed some more light on the recent gameplay reveal. Death Stranding will be releasing this November, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Make sure to also check out this Briefing trailer leak to see seven minutes of new footage!