Death Stranding NPCs Can Die Based on Player Actions

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Hideo Kojima continues to express that connections are very important in Death Stranding, up to the point that some of the Death Stranding NPCs (non-player controlled characters) will even play a role in characters’ deaths.

During a recent panel held at the Garage Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, game director Hideo Kojima shed some new details on the Death Stranding player actions and world, confirming that certain actions can affect certain NPCs. This is a rough translation and has been reworded to better explain it in the English language. During the stream Kojima mentioned a character who he described to be an old man living deep underground.

One of the mission tied to this character is to deliver him medicine. This is a mission that can be repeatedly done since the character is in constant need of medicine and other items, and in exchange for these goods the character will discuss stories from the past. As the main campaign progresses and the world of Death Stranding expands, players will continue to move further and further away from this specific character. They may remember him and go back, thus improving the connection between the player and him, and others may forget to bring him medicine, which will eventually result in his death. Kojima closes this segment hoping that the significance of connections is revealed through this detail.

This is certainly the first time we are hearing about this (for this game), though it isn’t all to surprising, despite the game not indicating there’s any dialogue choices, we have in the least seen that certain actions does have a direct effect on the world itself as confirmed in our previous report that players will eventually be able to construct highways and such. It’ll be interesting to see how deep this goes, and if it’ll in anyway affect the main characters in the story.

Death Stranding is launching officially for the PlayStation 4 on November 8.