Death Stranding TGS 2018 Trailer Shows Off a Potential Boss Fight

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In case you didn’t know, the Tokyo Game Show just happened in Japan, and along with almost any gaming event, game trailers were released. Today, Kojima Productions revealed the Death Stranding TGS 2018 trailer, and it’s all kinds of crazy.

We’re introduced to a new antagonist who wears a golden skull mask and is voiced by Troy Baker (Joel in The Last of us, Revolver Ocelt in Metal Gear Solid V). This unnamed enemy apparently has the power to summon the shadow ghosts living in the game’s world, and he does in the trailer below. What does he conjure up? It’s some sort of giant shadow lion that’s most likely a boss in the game.

Impressive, scary, and insane all at the same time, right? Yep, it’s a Hideo Kojima-developed game, alright.

Death Stranding will have both single-player and multiplayer components, and is being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 with no confirmed release date as of the moment.