Report: Destiny 2 Loot Caches Detailed, Here’s What They Contain

Fighting bad guys wouldn’t be much fun without the promise of loot. Happily, Destiny 2 chests are very much a thing, and opening up these loot caches will grant you the rewards you desire. Thanks to an early look at a Destiny 2 game guide, we now know of five different chest types, and what to expect inside of them.

All of this information was shared by Reddit user “namasuki”, who has managed to secure an early copy of the Destiny 2 GameStop guide. 

Enemy Chest

These chests are the most plentiful across the four World Regions. They are stashes collected by a particular enemy, so a cache may have a particular look to it… Only very few of these [chests] are active at any one time, so they won’t appear in every location. A single Enemy Chest also becomes active and is awarded as a prize once you complete a Patrol…

Region Chest

These gold-colored chests are scattered across every Public Sector, hidden away cunningly and requiring a modicum of searching to find. Expect higher-value items (compared to an Enemy Chest) when you open one. They can only be access once by your Guardian. If you need some additional equipment, this is a quick and easy way to find some…

Lost Sector Chest 

These locked chests are specifically located inside a Lost Sector. To open one, you must first defeat the Elite enemy (and optionally, his minions) within the Lost Sector. After that, the key is looted, and you can open the chest. They can be looted multiple times (if you complete a foe removal sweep of the Lost Sector), though the quality of the items isn’t as valuable after the first looting. Expect weekly resetting loots for this chest type…

Elite (And Boss) Chest

Some Majors that periodically appear in Public Sectors (due to a Secret Public Event) drop a Loot Cache. These hold valuable items, which you can grab at the conclusion of the event. This type of chest also appears when you’ve slain a particularly troublesome foe, usually at the end of a mission (like an Adventure or a Strike). Grab what you can from it before the mission concludes.

Location Spoilers Beginning

Treasure Chest

Once you’ve completed the Campaign Missions and have obtained access to the Tower, you can visit Cayde-6. Under certain conditions, he offers you treasure maps to a number of chest locations, and each is static. The number of chests that you receive from Cayde-6 depends on what Bungie allows. Find a chest through the clues Cayde-6 gives you, and return with the items. This is endgame content…

Location Spoilers End

Keep an eye out for any Destiny 2 chests you see on your adventures. You wouldn’t want to miss out on what’s inside! 

Source: Reddit (User namasuki)

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