Report: Destiny 2 Crucible Map Names & Locations Revealed, There Are Eight in Total

Those excited for Destiny 2‘s player versus player Crucible component may be interested to know which locations you’ll be making your battlefields. The following information was posted by Reddit user “namasuki”, who has managed to secure an early copy of the Destiny 2 GameStop guide. 

Here are eight maps that will be included in base game, when it releases on September 6: (Note that two more maps are expected to be added for launch.)

The Dead Cliffs – European Dead Zone, Earth (Quick Play & Competitive)

Endless Vale – Arcadian Valley, Nessus (Quick Play)

The Fortress – European Dead Zone, Earth (Quick Play & Competitive)

Legion’s Gulch – European Dead Zone, Earth (Quick Play)

Altar of Flame – Caloris Basin, Mercury (Quick Play & Competitive)

Vostok – Felwinter Peak, Earth (Quick Play & Competitive)

Midtown – The Last City, Earth (Quick Play & Competitive)

Javelin-4 – Warsat Launch Facility, Io (Quick Play & Competitive)

You can see that some maps are excluded from the Competitive playlist. You’ll also spot some familiar names, as several of the maps were featured in the console and PC beta builds. 

I’m looking forward to waging war on Felwinter Peak! Which map are you most looking forward to?

Source: Reddit (User namasuki)

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