Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn Day 2019 Celebrated by Community


Today the Destiny community is celebrating Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn Day 2019. Gjallarhorn Day is a celebration of the day when, in Destiny 1, the Exotic vendor Xur showed up and sold the infamous exotic rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn, on August 14, 2015. Interestingly this was the second time that Xur sold the Gjallarhorn, with the first time being two weeks after Destiny 1 launched, but no one cared about the weapon.


Gjallarhorn Day takes place on the Friday closest to August 14 every year, and today is that day for 2019. Much like the original Gjallarhorn Day, the mods of the Destiny Subreddit choose this day to lighten the rules and take some time off for 24 hours, allowing the community to have some fun and remember what the Subreddit was like on the very first Gjallarhorn Day. On that day in 2015 the mods changed the background of the Destiny Subreddit to a gif of raining Gjallarhorns and literally stopped being mods at all for the entire day.

Here are a list of some of the best posts from the Subreddit from the original Gjallarhorn Day.

  • At the time Trials of Osiris was working, just about, in Destiny 1. The weekly post took a hit on Gjallarhorn Day though, mostly because the mods stopped working altogether
  • One player posted a picture of their dog, and so far they’ve received 875 upvotes
  • The most wholesome story from Gjallarhorn was of a father texting his son instructions for ow to purchase Gjallarhorn for both of them to use later in the game. The son was very touched by the connection this allowed them to share
  • Various people shaved themselves for upvotes on Gjallarhorn Day. One person shaved their head, another their legs, and someone else shaved their friend’s eyebrows
  • One player congratulated Destiny’s Community Manager, DeeJ, on finally being able to purchase a Gjallarhorn. Like many players he missed out on purchasing the weapon 2 weeks after Destiny 1 launched
  • As another indicator of how much work the mods were doing, this cat picture got loads of upvotes on the day

Eventually however, the mods came to their senses and started to regain control of the Subreddit. They made this post as a warning that anyone who continued to mess around would be subject to the rules once again, but they also offered the post’s comments as a place to continue to make jokes for the foreseeable future.

Gjallarhorn Day is a day created entirely by the Destiny community. Bungie’s only part in it was allowing Xur to sell Gjallarhorn once again, and even that was just because the upcoming expansion, The Taken King, would make all year 1 weapons irrelevant 30 days later. This day is a true tribute to how creative the gaming community can be over the smallest events.

Don’t forget to check what Xur is selling later today on MP1ST.

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