Destiny 2 Iron Banner Bounties June 30, 2020

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Rewards List

In case you didn’t know, Bungie is bringing back the Iron Banner in Destiny 2 for a limited time starting today. While we’ve already posted the schedule, we now have the Destiny 2 Iron Banner Bounties June 30 list!

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Bounties June 30, 2020:

Iron Bounties

Name Description Requirement Reward
Around the Fire Capture zones in the Iron Banner playlist. Earn bonus progress for each additional teammate in the zone with you. 100 Zones captured XP & 50 Iron Banner Token & Pinnacle Gear
Maneuver Warfare Defeat opponents while your team holds Zone Advantage. Earn bonus progress during the Hunt. 75 Opponents defeated XP & 50 Iron Banner Token & Pinnacle Gear
Victory Banners Complete matches in the Iron Banner playlist. Wins award bonus progress. 40 Matches completed XP & 50 Iron Banner Token & Pinnacle Gear
The Rout Defeat opponents in the Iron Banner. Earn bonus progress by landing final blows on opponents with a higher Power level. 250 Opponents defeated XP & 50 Iron Banner Token & Pinnacle Gear

Additonal Iron Banner Rewards

You have a chance to get randomly rolled Iron Banner gear at the end of matches. This includes all available weapons & armor for the current season.

For those new to Destiny 2, here’s a brief recap on the Destiny 2 Iron Banner:

Seasonal Bounty

  • Each season features a seasonal quest you can pick up from Lord Saladin. After each quest step, you will be rewarded with an armor piece from the current season.
  • Progress will carry over to subsequent Iron Banners in the same season, but the quest will expire at the end of the season.

How to earn Iron Banner Tokens

Match Completions:

  • Upon completing an Iron Banner Crucible match, players will be awarded with Iron Banner Tokens to turn in to Lord Saladin. While all Iron Banner match completions award tokens, wins award more tokens than losses.
    • Wins reward 5 Tokens.
    • Losses reward 3 Tokens.

Weekly Bounties:

  • Players may earn additional Iron Banner Tokens by completing the Weekly Iron Banner Bounties. These can be completed on each character.
    • Weekly Bounty Reward – 50 Tokens
    • Each Weekly Bounty also rewards a piece of Pinnacle Gear.
  • There are seven different weekly bounties, of which four are available each IB. See below for a list!

Available from Lord Saladin:

Lord Saladin oversees the Iron Banner. He appears in the tower, up the stairs to the right of the Gunsmith to bring Guardians Iron Banner based Weapons and Armor.

Faction Rewards

Turn in 20 Tokens to get an Iron Banner engram, which contains randomly rolled weapons. After you’ve finished the seasonal quest, you can also receive randomly rolled armor.

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