Destiny 2 Update 1.0.6 Preview & Planned Improvements Detailed

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Destiny 2 future updates are the hottest topic of discussion in this week’s Bungie developer blog post. With new PC players flooding the game’s universe, even more eyes are on Bungie, watching and waiting for their next move. 

In a tease of what’s to come, Bungie’s game director Christopher Barrett detailed “a short list” of what the dev team is working on:

  • New systems and rewards to give our most engaged players additional, optional pursuits.
  • Better incentives for players who complete challenging Prestige activities.
  • Better rewards and replay value for strikes, adventures, and Lost Sectors.
  • Private matches for the competitive community (we are targeting early 2018).
  • Crucible tuning like adjusted Supremacy scoring and better spawning rules.
  • Better incentives for completing Crucible matches (and penalties for quitting competitive games).
  • Continued improvements to Iron Banner and Faction Rallies, including uniqueness of rewards.
  • Changes to make the mod economy more interesting and impactful.
  • Ongoing improvements to Exotics, including adjustments to reduce instances of duplication.
  • New ways to spend surplus currency and materials (looking at you Legendary Shards).
  • An emote interface that allows players to equip Salty, Spicy Ramen, Six Shooter, and Flip Out all at the same time.

As for what’s coming next week with patch 1.0.6, Bungie also gave a glimpse at some of the upcoming changes:

Fixed an issue with collision detection on the Bureaucratic Walk emote
Fixed an issue causing players to encounter empty public spaces too often in free roam

Updated Mercy Rule settings to allow Mercy to activate slightly later in the match, allowing a wider range of scores to trigger it.
Reduced score limit to 50 (was 75)
Reduced score limit to 90 (was 100)
Reduced influence that enemy-controlled zones exert over the spawning system
Reduced round time limit to 2 minutes (down from 3)
Reduced life count to 6 (down from 8)
Increased score-to-win to 70 (up from 50)
We now grant one point for defeating an enemy Guardian
Adjusted the influence that enemy crests have on the spawning system

There will be other improvements and fixes made next week, but we’ll have to wait for the full list of patch notes to know exactly what has been tweaked.

In other Destiny 2 news, a giant Pokéball Easter egg has been found in the game, possible future DLC locations and info has been leaked, and the game has become the best-selling console game of 2017 in the US.

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