Destiny 2 Upcoming Changes Discussed by Bungie


In the latest This Week at Bungie article, Destiny 2 upcoming changes were discussed, specifically those coming next week in update 2.5.2. While only some of the patch notes for this update have been revealed so far, they do give us an idea of where Bungie is taking Destiny 2 in the future around the time Solstice of Heroes goes live.

Most of these changes are community-requested, while others feature updates to notorious weapons such as Lord of Wolves. The update notes preview is as follows.

  • Lord of Wolves
    • Reducing the amount of ammo Shotgun scavenger perks can give to Lord of Wolves when in the Release the Wolves state
    • Decreasing the effective range on Lord of Wolves
    • This decrease is more aggressive when in the Release the Wolves state
  • Tribute Hall
    • Tribute Hall Triumphs for “The Emperor’s Gladiator” and “Scoundrel in Uniform” will no longer require a full set of Leviathan gear equipped to progress
    • Players will earn more points based on the number of gear pieces worn, similar to other Triumphs
  • Iron Banner
    • Iron Banner quest objective values will been adjusted for future events
    • Reducing grenade kills required by 50%, and ally grenade kills will be worth as much as your own
    • Reducing Sword kills required by 25%, and ally sword kills will be worth as much as your own
  • Menagerie/Chalice
    • Heroic Menagerie will drop a Sword for first time completion (100%)
    • Subsequent completions will have a moderate chance to drop a sword (25%)
  • General
    • Fixing an issue where completion notifications did not appear after completing bounties
    • This will also fix an issue where players would sometimes not spawn during a Crucible match

We’ve got some key takeaways that we think you should take note of from these patch notes.

First, if you didn’t already know this was happening, Lord of Wolves is getting significantly nerfed with this update. The weapon has been a viable way to annihilate enemies in the Crucible for too long, and players are sick of it. As of next Tuesday it will no longer be the powerhouse that it is today.

The Tribute Hall is being made slightly easier, which is definitely a good thing. Triumphs for the area have clearly been too difficult for some players to complete, which is why the number of gear pieces required have been dropped in the above notes.

Iron Banner bounties are going to be far easier to complete from now on. The Iron Banner quest was experimental at best for Season of Opulence, and many players found it too much of a grind. The bounties are clearly also too grindy, which is why Bungie have given in and adjusted the number of kills required for all future Iron Banner events.

The Menagerie is still a very new event, so it’s not surprising to see it getting tweaked here and there. The fixes noted for update 2.5.2 have obviously been made to make it easier for players to earn a sword.

The general fix for players not spawning in Crucible matches is a huge problem, and it’s good that it’s going to be fixed. Hopefully there aren’t anymore issues that big that need fixing, because update 2.5.2 will be colossal if there are.

We’re looking forward to seeing how this update will feel with Solstice of Heroes 2019 live. The event will require a lot of mission grinding to unlock better armor and that’s going to be much harder if there are blatant PVE issues in Destiny 2.

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