Destiny 2 Xbox One X Enhancements Still Unconfirmed, Activision Remains Tight-Lipped

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Despite being included in the Xbox One X reviewer’s pack, which contains the system and eighteen games, Destiny 2‘s Xbox One X “enhancements” — if it actually has any — have yet to be confirmed. 

The game is expected to be enhanced for Xbox One X, in a similar way to the game’s boost in resolution on PS4 Pro, but Activision is remaining silent. 

When DualShockers asked about possible Xbox One X features, Activision responded with: “We haven’t made any announcements about Xbox One X.”

One thing that has been confirmed, by Bungie dev Mark Noseworth, is the frame-rate of 30fps. He tweeted this out back in June:

There’s a lot of secrecy surrounding the Destiny 2 Xbox One X experience. The cynical part of me wonders if this has anything to do with the game’s partnership with PlayStation… 

The launch of Xbox One X is right around the corner, with the system set to release worldwide on November 7. We won’t have to wait long to see how Destiny 2 runs on the new most powerful console!

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Source: DualShockers