DICE Announces One Billion Hours of Battlefield 3 Played To Date

This just in: Battlefield 3 players have no li… I mean, Battlefield 3 players play a lot of Battlefield 3.

The studio behind the Battlefield franchise, Digital Illusions CE, has just announced via Twitter and Facebook that the Battlefield community has accumulatively played over one billion hours of Battlefield 3. That’s a lot of “sh*t buckets.”

“Yesterday, we asked if you could guess how many total hours have been played so far in Battlefield 3,” DICE wrote. “Answer: 1 BILLION hours — That’s 1,000,000,000 hours, or roughly 114 thousand years! You guys are just amazing.”

Presumably, that number is derived from the amount of hours played across all platforms.

As we speak, a lot of hours are being sunk into Battlefield 3 right now, as DICE’s 96-hours double XP event is currently underway for all players.

So, with that in mind, how many hours of Battlefield 3 have you played?

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