DICE LA Working on Battlefield 6 Live Services Component, EA Calls Game “Love Letter to Fans”

battlefield 6 live services

Following today’s confirmation that DICE LA and Criterion Games are helping DICE Sweden with Battlefield 6, it looks like the upcoming Battlefield game will borrow something from Battlefield 5, and that’s being a live services game.

This was confirmed by EA Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele, who shared that DICE LA has been working on Battlefield 6’s live services component for over a year now, and how the studio is “doing some really exceptional things in live service.”

While that might be cause for concern for some, Miele shares that they are putting “all the resources we have on this,” and how the game is “a love letter to our fans.”

Of course, if done properly, this shouldn’t be seen as a negative, as that means the game will be supported for a long time.

Are you worried that this year’s Battlefeld game is a live services one or it doesn’t matter as long as the core game is fun?

Source: Polygon

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