Criterion, DICE LA Working on Battlefield 6, as Next Need for Speed Game Is Pushed Back

Battlefield 2021

Remember when we reported that it was confirmed that DICE LA was working on a Battlefield game? As it turns out, that Battlefield game is none other than DICE Sweden’s Battlefield 6 (unofficial title)! This was revealed by EA today, where it also divulged that Criterion has also been tasked to support this year’s Battlefield game, with the planned Need for Speed title pushed back a year.

This bit of news was confirmed today by Laura Miele, EA’s Chief Studios Officer, who also pointed out that neither franchise (Battlefield, Need for Speed) is in trouble, and that this was mostly due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, and how the acquisition of Codemasters meant that the publisher already has one racing game due out this year.

Miele comments that DICE is a bit “fatigued” from working from home, and how they are “playing to win” with this year’s Battlefield game.

[Battlefield] is shaping up great, the team has been working incredibly hard, they pushed hard last year, and yes, we have been working from home. And it’s hard; it’s hard to make games from home, and the [EA DICE] team is fatigued a bit.

We have a great game and some incredible potential with this game.. We’re playing to win; we’re playing to put a great Battlefield game out in the market. – Laura Miele, EA Chief Studios Officer

EA has yet to formally announce this year’s Battlefield game, though it’s set for reveal this spring.

Source: Polygon

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