EA: Battlefield 6 to “Feature More Players Than Ever Before,” Reveal Coming in Spring 2021

Battlefield 6

Are you looking forward to some hot Battlefield 6 news? While we still don’t know the exact title of this year’s Battlefield game, EA has dropped a few morsels of info during the publisher’s quarterly earnings report today.

Remember that rumor that surfaced stating that this year’s Battlefield will see 128-player matches? Well, it seems there might be some truth to that, as EA has said that Battlefield 6 will “feature more players than ever before!” Here’s a summary of the info shared by EA today.

  • It will take full advantage of next-gen consoles
  • Feature more players than ever before
  • Takes franchise to the next level
  • Reveal coming in Spring 2021
  • Release set for Holiday 2021

Given that spring is set to start soon (next month), we should be hearing or seeing teases about it soon! One can hope that we can at least learn of the official title and maybe new game mechanics by then, no?

Stay tuned for the latest Battlefield news here on MP1st!

Thanks, Westie!

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