DICE to Detail What the Studio Learned From the Battlefield V Beta This Coming Friday

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While DICE has already listed down a few key important items in terms of what the studio garnered from the community based on Battlefield V beta feedback, it seems they’re not quite done yet.

Over on Reddit,  Global Community Engagement Manager Dan Mitre shared a new message stating that a new blog post will go up detailing the feedback even more, as well as a new Battlefield Dev Talks episode.

What We Learned from Battlefield V Open Beta Coming on Friday from BattlefieldV

Will we see new gameplay or info as well? One can hope, no? In other Battlefield V news, it seems we won’t be getting a second beta anytime soon. DICE has also explained the beta’s profanity chat filter and why it censored words like “DLC.”

Read up on our Battlefield V beta impressions to see what we make of the game so far, if you weren’t able to try it.