DICE to “Possibly” Ban Accounts Using VPN to Gain Early Access to BF3

DICE has drawn the line in the sand regarding PC gamers who are using VPN (Virtual Private Network) techniques to gain early access to Battlefield 3 through EA’s Origin.

For those using VPN techniques to gain early access to Battlefield 3. DICE has this to say. “We strongly advise you do not use VPN. You can compromise the security of your account.” When asked by some fans if it is indeed possible to have their accounts banned, DICE responded. “If your account is related in suspicious activity, quite possibly.” Daniel Matros weighs in as well saying that though “it isn’t illegal,” DICE highly advises “against doing it and [to] instead wait for the launch day of your territory.”

If you are curious about the exact date and time of launch for your region, please refer to our earlier article, Battlefield 3 Launch – Server Admin Manual and Unlock Times for PC Pre-Load.

DICE might be just blowing smoke as the players who “violated” the terms have purchased the game legally. Our advice is to either mask your IP like a boss, or just wait until it’s available in you territory.

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