Dirt 4 Update Brings Clubs Functionality & More Fixes to All Platforms

Codemasters has released a new update for DiRT 4, across all platforms. The latest patch adds new support for Thrustmaster TS-XW and Thrustmaster Sparco R383.

In addition to this, functionality for Clubs has been implemented, improved stability, and more.

Find the full list of updates below:

– Improvements to AI in all disciplines

– Brutal AI difficulty is no longer tied to Fearless preset

– Tuning setups can now be used with lower skill rated teams

– Updated driver support for Thrustmaster devices – this adds support for the T500 (PS4 only)

– Added new support for Thrustmaster TS-XW

– Added new support for Thrustmaster Sparco R383

– Async improvements and updated Sponsors

– Fixed engine audio not playing in broadcast mode from multiplayer lobby

– Refinements and numerous bug fixes for Rallycross audio

– Fixed crash that occurred using Party invites (PS4 only)

– Prevented Welcome Event deadstate (PC only)

– Pro Tour vehicles should not start with damage

– Community Events show time of day when loading

– Rallycross ghosting no longer gets triggered when completing a lap close to another player

– Screen Space Reflections added (PC and PS4 Pro only)

– Improved reflection rendering (PS4 Pro only)

– Lobby countdown reinstated (PC only)

– Disabling external cameras no longer forces camera back to head cam

– Option to reset controls to default added

– Improved stability

What do you think to the latest DiRT 4 update? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Steam

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