Dying Light Update 1.38 Crawls Out for August 17 (Update)

Dying Light Update 1.38

Techland has released the Dying Light update 1.38 patch this August 17 (Enhanced Edition update version 1.31), and it seems to be a rather hefty download.

Dying Light Update 1.38 Patch Notes | Dying Light Enhanced Edition Update 1.31 Patch Notes:

Update: Here’s what the PS4’s update history says about today’s patch:

  • Added new weapons and blueprints
  • New type of live event added\
  • Update DLC Section
  • Minor bug fixes

Once Techland releases the full changelog, we’ll update the post.

Techland has not acknowledged the patch just yet, and as such, there are no notes. However, there is one change we can confirm!

According to Reddit user Cringeboi1218, the giant banner outside the tower has changed:

I know what it is the giant banner outside the tower changed to “are you dying 2 know more? It could be hinting for episode 3

However, given how big the patch is, there’s more to this than just a banner change. We’ve reached out to Techland about today’s patch, and will update if we hear anything back (a statement or the actual patch notes).

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive interview with Techland regarding Dying Light 2.

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