EA Acquired Battlefield.com for 80K, Owns Up to Battlefield 9 in Domains

Fusible has dug up EA’s domain ownership for the Battlefield franchise. It turns out that the company purchased the main Battlefield website, Battlefield.com, back in 2007 for $80,000 USD.

Also, EA now owns all Battlefield domains up to Battlefield9.com. With Battlefield 4 set to release next year, this goes to show EA’s commitment to its’ flagship shooter for years to come.

However, this also raises the question, would you like to only play major Battlefield releases in the main series with constant DLC packages like Battlefield 3 Premium? Or, you would rather have the major Battlefield sequels further apart with more spin offs in between, such as Battlefield 1943 and the fan-favorite 2142 along with the last installment’s expansion packs?

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