EA Reveals “Guide” for Battlefield V Pre-Order & Game Edition Extras, Here’s How to Get Every Soldier Set

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If you’ve already decided that you’re getting Battlefield V, you might be wondering what you can get for pre-ordering the game. Thanks to EA, we now have a “guide” for all the extras that come with the different editions of Battlefield V.

There’s the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition and the Battlefield V Standard Edition, and both editions will get the Enlister Offer, which includes six Paratrooper Sets, the Firestorm Ranger set, in-game Assignments and more.

At launch, the Deluxe Edition will grant players 20 weekly items with Airlifts, and if you have Battlefield 1, tackle the Road to Battlefield V missions to unlock two additional Paratrooper sets!

Pre-order and Deploy with the Battlefield V Enlister Offer

The Battlefield V Enlister Offer is for all players who pre-order Battlefield V or the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition. Players get extra soldier customization options, as well as access to Special Assignments and their rewards, starting the week of launch. Enlist today and get:

  • Paratrooper Outfit: Once Battlefield V launches, choose one of eight Special Soldier Sets available in the game to customize your troops
  • Firestorm Ranger Set: Usable across multiple modes, you’ll get to wear this custom look, inspired by Battlefield V‘s battle royale mode, Firestorm
  • Special Assignments: Earn rewards and get an edge over the competition when you complete Special Assignments
  • Immediate Access to Five Battlefield 1 Weapons: Unlock some of the Great War’s most modern weapons for use in Battlefield 1, as you bridge the interwar period on the road to Battlefield V.

Battlefield V Deluxe Edition

For players that want to enter Battlefield V early and with more outfits, customization items, and Special Assignments, let me introduce you to the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition. Pre-order it and get the above extras from the Enlister Offer, plus:

  • Early Access to the Battlefield V Base Game on November 15: Be among the first to dictate the fight and play the Battlefield V base game
  • Five Sets of Paratrooper Outfits: Choose Special Soldier Sets from the eight available when deploying as the British Special Air Service or German Airborne troops
  • Special Assignments: Get rolling with Assignments inspired by the British Special Air Service’s true-to-life raids on German air bases, and ones based on the defense of airfields on the North African coastline by the German Fallschirmjäger troops, as well as Starter Assignments providing more ways to test your skills on the battlefield and earn rewards
  • 20 Weekly Items with Airlift: Receive vital supplies with 20 weekly Airlifts, each containing one customization item.

Finally, EA has listed down how you’ll be able to get all the Soldier Sets  that you can customize your Company with.

How to Get Every Soldier Set

There are a total of nine Soldier Sets you can use to customize your Company. Here’s how to get them all:

  • One Paratrooper Soldier Set is available when you pre-order either the Battlefield V Deluxe or Standard Edition
  • Five Paratrooper Soldier Sets are included as part of the Battlefield V Deluxe Edition
  • Earn two Battlefield V Soldier Tokens by playing Battlefield 1, as part of the final stage of the Road to Battlefield V. This is also the way to earn weapons skins for use in Battlefield V
  • Announced in September, the Firestorm Ranger Set is an additional pre-order bonus to drop into the battlefield with a tactical look inspired by the Firestorm — battle royale reimagined for Battlefield— and usable across multiple modes.
  • Or you can subscribe to Origin Access Premier for PC and get all this now, plus immediate access to EA’s growing library of games.

Confused? Hope not. Just get the version that you want and that’s it. Unless cosmetics are that important for you, then, in which case, go ahead and choose which version you want.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE has outlined the content roadmap for Battlefield V until 2019!

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