EA Will Unveil New Next-Gen Games From DICE, EA Sports and BioWare at E3 2013

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At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo held in Los Angeles, California, publisher Electronic Arts will unveil new next-gen games from developers DICE, EA Sports and BioWare.

President of The EA Labels Frank Gibeau said in a recent earnings call that, despite currently being under a nondisclosure agreement with platform partners, EA is “planning a full reveal at E3, including more next-generation titles in development for fiscal ’14. This will include breakthroughs in graphics and gameplay for some of our biggest franchises, including Battlefield, FIFA, Madden, NBA Live and Need for Speed.”

On top of already having announced titles like Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 or Dragon Age 3, EA plans to “unveil new titles from EA SPORTS, BioWare and DICE, and a first look at some brand new games.”

Currently, Battlefield developers DICE have already shown us a bit of Battlefield 4, but have yet to announce any other titles that they might be working on. Rumors have it that Mirror’s Edge 2 may be in the works and is certainly something that many gamers would be happy to hear about. Or, perhaps we’ll be seeing another Battlefield spin-off or downloadable title like Battlefield: 1943?

DICE was also mentioned in the list of developers said to be working on EA’s upcoming Star Wars titles.

In addition, Gebeau mentioned that we’ll be hearing mor about Frostbite 3 and their “new sports engine” during their E3 investors breakfast in June.

What other titles do you think a development studio like DICE might have in the works?