EA Ranked Fifth Among USA Today’s List of Most Hated Companies

EA Worst Company 2018 Rank Is “Only” at #5!

With what happened to Star Wars Battlefront II last year, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that every gamer out there hates DICE’s parent company, Electronic Arts — or more commonly known as EA.

Well, contrary to previous years where EA won the “Worst Company in America” award, EA “only” managed to rank fifth in USA Today’s Top 20 Most Hated Companies.

Here’s the complete list:

  1. Equifax
  2. Fox Entertainment Group
  3. NFL
  4. University of Phoenix
  5. Electronic Arts
  6. Foxconn Technology Group
  7. Sprint
  8. Vice Media
  9. Spirit Airlines
  10. Cigna
  11. Wells Fargo
  12. The Trump Organization
  13. Sears Holdings
  14. Uber
  15. Comcast
  16. Monsanto
  17. CenturyLink
  18. Facebook
  19. United Airlines
  20. The Weinstein Company

It might  not have won this dubious honor, but given it’s the only video game company to make it, yeah, it’s still not a good sight to see, no? Mind, Star Wars Battlefront II still sold a lot of units, so EA might not care that much that it’s on the list again.

Do you think other video game publishers or studios deserve to be on this list? If so, who and at what rank?

Source: USA Today

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