EPOS Launches Campaign for Gaming Market, Watch the Short Film Now

Building on the legacy of Sennheiser, EPOS, the newly founded company is proud to reveal it’s global campaign for the future of audio gaming.

In a press release sent to us, EPOS statement is clear; To dominate and become the definitive gaming audio solution for all those who have a passion for performance. While that’s an ambitious goal to reach, the company has proven before with their excellent top of the line gaming headsets.

EPOS, a newly formed company dedicated to the creation of high-end audio equipment for Gaming and Enterprise Solutions, proudly announces the official launch of their global gaming campaign. Built on the principles of uncompromising audio engineering, contemporary aesthetics and superb build quality, the EPOS brand in the gaming segment exists to serve gamers who demand absolute excellence from their equipment to maximise their gaming experience. Crafted to last, and designed to excite, the EPOS range of headsets will become the definitive gaming audio solution for those who share the EPOS passion for performance. Built upon Demant’s 115 years of experience in sound and innovation and building on the legacy of Sennheiser Communications A/S, EPOS will sell the Sennheiser Communications gaming portfolio as co-branded EPOS |SENNHEISER whilst also introducing an exceptional new portfolio of premium EPOS branded products. The first major EPOS-only branded gaming product launch is set for October  2020.

Accompanied with this announcement is a short cinematic film. Be prepared, it’s a pretty kickass trailer as it features very Blade Runner like visuals and setting, along with a very strange, yet funny ending.

Down below you’ll find some still shots from the film that you can use as wallpapers, along with some logos for EPOS Gaming.

Their first branded gaming product will be launching this October. Details on said product will be revealed at a later date.

For those who are active readers here, you may remember last year we were given the opportunity to review their GSP 370, and last month their GSP 300. While still housing the previous branded name, those headsets excelled in all our expectations and delivered on their promise. We have no doubt that EPOS will continue with what they’re already best known for. We’ll be sure to keep you updated once we have more details on their upcoming product.

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