Evolve Dev Diary Details New Hunters and Offers New Gameplay

Turtle Rock Studios is out to show off brand new content for their upcoming, next-gen, 4v1 shooter, Evolve.

Four new hunters enter the arena, each with unique abilities and characteristics that differ from the initial bunch we were introduced to earlier this year. We caught our first glimpse of the new squad yesterday, but it’s about time we learn a little more about what each new member has to offer. So, the studio put together this 5-minute developer diary detailing exactly that.

You can watch the video above, or check out the round-up of notes below if you’re more of the reading type:

Maggie the Trapper

  • Has a companion Pet Trap Jaw called Daisy
  • It actively hunts down the Monster
  • Its takes off after Monster’s tracks and can cut it off
  • Maggie has access to stationary Harpoon traps

Lazarus the Medic

  • Lazarus is key to winning the match
  • Can revive players from death
  • Must play carefully and patiently, use his cloaking device when necessary

Hyde the Assault

  • Flame Thrower in one hand
  • Chain Gun in the other
  • Most effective up close
  • Can use his toxic grenade to flush the Monster out of caves

Bucket the Support

  • Extremely aggressive
  • Uses his head as a unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicle
  • Has access to deployable sentry guns
  • More offensive than other Supports

New map: The Dam

  • Desert environment
  • Twisty caves
  • Lots of verticality
  • Closed spaces
  • Wildlife is a lot more aggressive

Which Hunter holds your interest the most so far? Tell us in the comments!

Evolve hits next-gen consoles and PC on October 21.

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