F-ZERO 99 Announced for Nintendo Switch; Available Today

f-zero 99

F-Zero fans are sure to have a split reaction to this one. In today’s Direct, Nintendo announced F-ZERO 99, a 99-player battle royale game in the same vein as Tetris 99. The game appears to feature maps and music from the original game, but with way more on-screen racers than ever before.

The trailer for the new game can be seen here:

According to the trailer, players can choose from a variety of machines from the original game and battle it out against 98 other racers. Colliding with guard rails or other racers will damage your power meter, and if it hits zero, you’re out!

When players bump into each other, they’ll drop super sparks. Collecting enough of these will allow you to ascend to the Skyway, a track in the sky away from opponents. This track will allow you to bypass the competition safely.

New cosmetics and machines are available through challenge completion. Additionally, the game’s official store page reveals a handful of other modes available to players, such as Grand Prix and Mini Prix races. There are also rotating Team Battle and Pro Tracks modes that rotate on a regular basis.

F-ZERO 99 is available to Nintendo Switch Online members right now. Get out there and get racing!

For other news from today’s Nintendo Direct, check out trailers for the next Splatoon 3 DLC and the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remake.

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