Fallout 76 Down This August 9, 2022 for Planned Maintenance (Update)

Fallout 76 Down

Bethesda has taken the Fallout 76 servers offline, so if you’re seeing Fallout 76 down reports, it’s not just you! This is for planned maintenance this August 9, and this will allow Bethesda to do some backend work as well.

Fallout 76 Down Server Status and Updates for August 9:

Update #2: After a long server outage, Bethesda has finally announced that maintenance for Fallout 76 has concluded! Happy gaming, everyone!

Update: The latest update from Bethesda states that they are still working on getting Fallout 76 servers back online, however it’s looking likely they won’t be back up today as they note they require “several” more hours. In the very least, it does look like they will be compensating players for this inconvenience. 

Update: As one might expect, the maintenance has been extended. Bethesda announced that there is no ETA as of yet.

As more news becomes available, we’ll be updating this article.

Here’s the announcement from Bethesda:

For those wondering, there is no specific schedule released so far, but the usual maintenance times for the game is at 2-4 hours, so expect the downtime to last that long at the very least.

The latest update from Bethesda’s Status Portal states:

  1. Investigating
    Impact Description: Fallout 76 maintenance on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
    Current Status: Fallout 76 is undergoing maintenance on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Same as always, if the server downtime is extended or if there are other developments, we’ll be sure to update the post. Bethesda has made no announcements regarding a patch being released during the downtime, and if there is one, we’ll let our readers know.Make sure to check back on our Fallout 76 game hub for the latest news.

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