Traversing the Fallout 76 Map From End to End Will Take You 35 Minutes

fallout 76 76 update 1.24 patch notes

Bethesda hasn’t been shy when it comes to its ambition for Fallout 76. While we’ve already seen the Fallout 76 map, it’s another thing to actually traverse through it. If you’re wondering just how big the actual map is, well, we now have an answer for you! Sort of.

YouTuber 2Franks did the arduous task of walking Fallout 76’s map from end to end, and timing it, and it took him a long 35 minutes to do it.

He’s not just walking, of course. There’s some shooting, looting and all sorts of stuff happening in between. Still, 30+ minutes to walk through the entire in-game map is insane. Is there even a game that matches it in terms of map scope?

In other Fallout 76 news, Bethesda has outlined some of the bug fixes and features the studio is planning to roll out before the year is done.

Are you playing Fallout 76? Do you think it matters if the map is this massive or it doesn’t matter if there’s nothing to do?

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