Fallout 76 Stealth Nerfs Discovered in Latest Patch, Includes Reduced Enemy XP, Production Nerf & More

fallout 76 stealth nerfs

While Bethesda rolled out a big Fallout 76 title update to fix technical and gameplay issues with the game, it seems the studio did more than what was revealed in the actual patch notes. Based on multiple feedback from the game’s players, a bunch of Fallout 76 stealth nerfs were included in the patch as well.

Over on the Fallout 76 subreddit, the community has compiled a list of the Fallout 76 stealth nerfs Bethesda rolled out. Check out some of the unannounced changes as compiled by user comeinmymeowth:

  • Production rates reduced to 10 per hour or 1 fusion core per hour
  • Ammo production CAP reduced (400 to 200)
  • Getting ore instead of scrap (stock up on acid)
  • Lead in CAMP/Workshop is unaffected
  • Fusion cores drain quicker , not sure by how much % increase.
  • Grenade exploit removed (mentioned ONLY on the Bethesda site for some reason)
  • “Search” exploit/glitch removed
  • Cap stash exploit removed

Note that the info listed are from feedback from the community, and given how Bethesda has been silent on these changes, don’t be surprised if not everything is accurate 100 percent. In addition to that, Reddit user sawdomise also compiled a list of stealth nerfs, though he admits, that some of the changes made are on the good side as well.

The good:

  • EXP trap exploits: Good job fixing this. Better late than never, this was a priority and you did it.
  • CAMP moving fix: This is nice, I can now place big items without taking a gamble.
  • PA fix: This is nice too. If it stopped people from playing, it’s a priority.
  • STASH increase: Better than nothing. It’s kind of a joke to have upped it 50% in a game about looting, but I guess a slap in the face is better than a kick in the nuts.

The bad:

  • Reduced enemy XP: Why was this a problem? People will now have to grind more to use the poorly implemented “respec” feature of December 11th. Not needed, punishes players for playing the game, and one of my personal gripes with this update. If you wanted to reduce how long it takes to achieve max level: too late, players who wanted to earn max level are now max level, and anyone trying to close the gap is now at a massive disadvantage. This is the worst change of the patch.
  • Fusion Core production nerf: There is now no reason to produce fusion cores. 1 per hour? Did anyone think of this going forward with the patch? If the goal is to put PA on par with regular armor, buff regular armor instead.
  • Resource production nerf: The mega water purifier can now hold 5 water. Multiple ressource production structures are now reported to have a lower capacity and production rate. There is now even less reason to go for good CAMP spots and workshops, as the risk is now too high for the measly reward.
  • Melee nerf: Do not punish players for going melee. If they run up to something and tank a bunch of damage, the payoff should be that they can smash the enemy.
  • Server hopping nerf: This is a good idea, implemented in the worst possible way. If you have players server hopping, ask yourself why they are server hopping. If it’s because they’re farming legendary mobs and get trash/useless loot, make legendary mobs give useful loot, or change how legendaries work. Integrate legendaries into crafting. Make trash legendaries useful in some way by giving components, or rare junk. If it’s because the plans have a 1% chance of spawning a plan on a specific vendor, remove that unnecessary restriction. If it’s because players are farming an event, it’s probably because it’s either a fun event or a rewarding event. Reduce the cooldown, let players enjoy the game.

There’s a lot more Fallout 76 stealth nerf info right here and here, though some are speculative, and again, given Bethesda has not shared any hard data, it’s hard to determine which is which.

Will Bethesda reveal every little thing the studio changed in Fallout 76’s latest patch? Once they do, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Have you noticed any stealth nerfs or changes in Fallout 76 after the latest patch? If so, share your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Bethesda just keeps amazing me in their ineptitude and lack of understanding of their fans’ wishes.

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