Fallout 76 Subscription Fee Announced for “Fallout 1st,” Here’s What You’ll Get for Being a Member

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In case you need more Fallout in your life, Bethesda has announced a Fallout 76 subscription service called “Fallout 1st.” The Fallout 76 subscription fee is $12.99 for one month, or get it for an entire year (12 months) for “just” $99.99!

Here’s what you’ll be getting for being a Fallout 1st member:


The community has been asking for the ability to play in private worlds since before the launch of Fallout 76, and we’re very excited to announce that they are coming to the game with Fallout 1st. If you’re a Fallout 1st member, how you use your private world is completely up to you: Invite up to seven of your friends at a time (eight total people per private world) to join you in taking on the dangers of post-apocalyptic West Virginia, or play completely solo. All gameplay remains the same from Adventure Mode and all characters entering the Fallout 1st private worlds must be existing characters.

Only the owner of a private world is required to be a Fallout 1st member. Head into your private world, open your Social menu once you’re in-game, and start inviting your friends to kick off the party. You can also create a squad outside of your private world and then switch to it to bring everyone along at once. Should the owner of the private world leave, the world will still stay active as long as one other player in the world is a Fallout 1st member.

Private worlds will continue to evolve with new features such as expanded building areas, increased C.A.M.P. budgets and Workshop persistence. We’ve also received a lot of questions about playing Fallout 76 with mods and this, too, is something we’re excited to add to private worlds in the future.

Aside from that, here’s a look at the Ranger Armor outfit exclusive to members:

Members will also get 1,650 monthly Atoms and exclusive Atomic Shop sales, too. Additionally, another perk for being a member is having your own private Scrapbox which has unlimited storage.

There’s also the new Survival Tent where members can set up a quick operating base. The Survival Tent comes with a Stash, Sleeping Bag, Scrapbox, Cooking Station, and even an “instrument” to help players wind down. Once placed, the Tent can also serve as a fast travel point in addition to your main CAMP.

Finally, there’s an icons and emotes pack that are unique to members too!


Fallout76 Fallout1st Emotes

For those wondering, if you become a member, you need to claim the Ranger Armor outfit, icons and emotes before unsubscribing. If you do this, you’ll still have access to the items even if you’re not a member.

Well, there you have it. Are you interested in becoming a Fallout 1st member or is Bethesda fooling themselves that people would be interested? Let us know your thoughts below.

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