Fallout 76 Update 1.28 Patch Notes and File Sizes – Here’s What Got Fixed in

fallout 76 update 1.28 patch notes

Bethesda Game Studios released a new Fallout 76 update for all platforms, and it’s live now! Numbered Fallout 76 update 1.28 ( by Bethesda), it clocks in at just 1.4GB on PS4, and less than 65MB on PC. Check out the full Fallout 76 update 1.28 patch notes below.

Fallout 76 update 1.28 patch notes (


  • Controls: Addressed an issue that could cause the game controls to become unresponsive when exiting a set of Power Armor.
  • Stability: Addressed an issue that could cause a server crash.
  • Social: Players no longer lose their ability to interact with the Social menu if it was open when a they added or removed a friend.

Don’t forget, a new event has been announced by Bethesda called “Project Clean Appalachia.” Once it’s out, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: Bethesda

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