Bethesda Announce Fallout 76 New Event – Project Clean Appalachia


Bethesda has announced Project Clean Appalachia, a series of community events in Fallout 76 which will award every single player in the game for taking part. The events will award items such as exclusive cosmetics, Purveyor discounts, and a second round of the time limited event Meat Week.


The story behind Project Clean Appalachia is that players are making way for the upcoming Fallout 76 expansion called Wastelanders. In Wastelanders Appalachia will become populated by NPCs, which is why players need to clear out as many creatures as possible over the next six weeks in preparation for their arrival.

Challenge #1 – Clear the Skies

This challenge tasks players with killing as many Scorchbeasts as possible in the next two weeks. If everyone manages to kill 100,000 of the monsters before September 23, 2019, then the Meat Week event will return between September 26 and September 30, 2019.


By killing even more Scorchbeasts players can extend the duration of this repeat of Meat Week, and unlock additional rewards from stretch goals. These are as follows.

Stretch Reward 1: Scorchbeast Player Icon

Stretch Reward 2: Curly Bun Hairstyle

Stretch Reward 3: Meat Week returns for a full week – September 23 to October 3, 2019

Simply by playing Fallout 76 players can take part in this event and earn these rewards. Let us know if you’ll be killing Scorchbeasts as part of Project Clean Appalachia in the comments.

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