Far Cry 3 PC Patch 1.03 Fixes Stuff, Future Patch Will Allow Players to Remove HUD Elements

Ubisoft unleashes the latest patch for the PC version of Far Cry 3 and promises a few neat player-requested options in a future update.

First, let’s take a look at what the latest patch has in store for PC users:

Far Cry 3 PC Patch 1.03

  • Added Russian and Czech language support for Steam versions.
  • Fixed issues for machines that have more than 32 cores.
  • Fixed issues for activation keys bundled with ULC privileges. ULC content will now unlock during activation.
  • Improvements to playlists and rotation for User Made maps.

Based on player feedback, an incoming future patch will allow PC players to remove heads-up-display or user interface elements so that those who wish can truly enjoy the breathtaking scenery that the island of Far Cry 3 has to offer (as demonstrated in the featured image). In a statement to Kotaku, Ubisoft said,

Based on feedback from both press and fans, the Far Cry 3 production team is working on a patch that will allow you to toggle most HUD/UI elements based on player preference. The patch will also avoid issues encountered in the .dll hack that might create a mission walkthrough break (missing QTE prompts, critical information, etc;). The team is excited about how the Far Cry 3 community and fans of the game are enjoying themselves, and finding new ways to experience the Rook Islands. More news will be coming on the patch shortly…

Meanwhile, Reddit user GaulKareth has figured out how to tweak Far Cry 3’s game files in order to completely remove the HUD and UI elements should you choose to give it a shot before the incoming update. Here’s how:

  • Tested and working with the Steam version of the game (1.01).
  • DX9/10: Locate and backup \bin\FC3.DLL, then open the original file with a HEX editor, I’m using Hex Workshop.
  • DX11: Locate and backup \bin\FC3_d3d11.dll, then open the original file with HEX editor.
  • Search for “showuielement”
  • In the next few lines you will see S.h.o.w.U.I.E.l.e.m.e.n.t.
  • Replace the S.h.o.w.U.I.E.l.e.m.e.n.t. with H.i.d.e.U.I.E.l.e.m.e.n.t.

That about does it. Have you tried running Far Cry 3 without the HUD?

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