First Wave of PS5 Units Have Begun Shipping From Sony

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For those lucky enough to pre-order a PS5 console directly from the PlayStation site and are part of the first wave of shipment, you’ll be glad to know that Sony has officially begun shipping out the hardware just in time for the November 12 launch.

In an email update that is being sent out to buyers (including us) the company noted that the orders have officially shipped.

Additionally, for those who may not be home for the package to arrive you may want to know that the package will indeed require a signature and the carrier shipping the console is being handled by FedEx. 

On a related note, if your order is shipping from a distribution center that is reasonably close, don’t expect to see it arrive any earlier than the expected delivery date as Sony has instructed FedEx to not deliver to homes until the expected date. This was verified on the FedEx website when viewing tracking information for our order.

If you’re excited for the console, well, then this should help make that more bearable — assuming you manage to pre-order one successfully. Just a few days ago, the first batch of PS5 reviews have surfaced, and we compiled them in one place! For those in Asia, there’s a PS5 event set to kick off this November 11! We’ll be sure to keep you posted if the company supplies an update for the region.

Stay tuned for more PS5 news that’s sure to surface in the coming days before launch.

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9 thoughts on “First Wave of PS5 Units Have Begun Shipping From Sony

  1. Sony direct can shove all their units where the sun don’t shine. I’ve had my psn account for 13 years and they didn’t even send me an invite. Good thing I was able to secure 9 units from other different sources. F…uk sony

    1. Don’t be such a baby. There are millions of people who have been long time PSN members. Not just you. And they were very clear that nobody was guaranteed anything due to low production numbers. Take the crying elsewhere…

        1. I don’t care how many orders you were able to get just to scalp them. Fact is your first comment was you bitching about Sony not selecting you. To which I respond: You’re nobody special. Quit whining.

          1. Scalp? Lmfao im rich enough to buy a 100 of them and throw them all in my pool. Now go make sure you’re able to order yours on release date 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  2. Both Fedex and the Sony page you show above have my console scheduled for delivery tomorrow, not Thursday. They both said the 12th yesterday but they both now say the 10th.

      1. Where exactly am I looking? I don’t doubt the 12th but it was weird that even the email link from Sony Direct says the 10th now.

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