Compensation Offered to Fortnite Players Experiencing Downtime and Party Issues

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Last week was particular nightmarish for Fortnite players, with both downtime and party issues plaguing the game. To make up for the poor experience, Epic Games is providing players with compensation. This comes in the form of Battle Stars and Seasonal Gold.

Here’s the full details:

V2.3.0 Social Issues+Downtime Make Good

We told you we appreciate your patience with some of the issues we’ve had after releasing V.2.3.0, and we meant it. In recognition of that patience, we are going to be providing some goodies to both StW and BR players. Want specifics? Find out below:

Battle Royale:

20 Battle Stars toward your Battle Pass progression

Save the World:

1600 Seasonal Gold you can use in the Event Store

You can expect to receive this compensation sometime after Patch V.2.4.0 releases.

If you’ve already completed your Battle Pass, and don’t have much use for these free items, then you’ll be happy to know that Epic Games is looking at other ways to reward the most dedicated players:

Is this Fortnite compensation satisfactory? Let us know.

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Source: Epic Games

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